Love is Worth Fighting for (The Meraki Series Book 3) by Effie Kammenou – Review by Julie Johnson

Love is Worth Fighting forLove is Worth Fighting for by Effie Kammenou
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have you ever read a book and wished you could smack some sense into the characters? That’s how I feel about this one! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this story about Krystina and Loukas as they’ve been mentioned many times in the first two books of this series. There is so much chemistry between them but neither want to really acknowledge it to the other for fear of ruining their friendship. Loukas has grown up next to Krystina and they have been friends since birth. Their mothers were best friends before the unfortunate passing of Loukas’s mother.

All Krystina wants to do is travel and take pictures….and stay as far away from Loukas as possible. However, he’s going through a lot right now and really needs a friend. Krystina has always been that friend but she wants nothing more than that.

Nicholas, who is Krystina’s soon-to-be brother-in-law, arranges a trip to Greece for the siblings. It’s time for them to see if Panos will have anything to do with them. Hopefully he’ll come home to his beloved, Yiayia and all will be right with the world.

The dreaded lockdown of 2020 happens and Krystina and Loukas find themselves in the house with just Yiayia. The rest of the family was in Loukas’s house after finding out that Yiayia, Krystina, and Loukas have all tested positive for the virus. Krystina and Loukas see to Yiayia as her health starts declining rapidly, but are they starting to see each other in a different light too?

This book was the most emotional of this series by far!! I was frustrated with Krystina and Loukas and their teenage antics, and I was trying to get an understanding of decisions made by Panos. The mystery finally comes to an end but it was not one that expected at all.

I’m excited to read book 4 and learn more about what Theo has been up to. I’m sure it will be just as entertaining as the rest of the family!

Fight for love….it’s worth it!

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