Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass (Mermaid Science Series) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Barbie England

The Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass (Mermaid Science, #3)The Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass by Lois Wickstrom
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Wickstrom did an amazing job of explaining the science behind water magnifying glasses and told the story in a way that would captivate the attention of young readers. The story follows the friend duno of Fig and Maria. The friends are playing near a lake when Trezzie, a mermaid that only Fig can see, helps them build a magnifying glass to examine a fossil. The back of the book includes instructions that could be used to make one of our own. Teachers could use “Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass” to help illustrate ways that their students can investigate the world around them without the use of expensive equipment.

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