Murder in the Lightning Room by A.D. Brazeau – Review by Lorralei Hoerner

Murder in the Lightning RoomMurder in the Lightning Room by A.D. Brazeau
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I saw the cover of this book I was already intrigued. This YA Historical story is a murder mystery and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Cora was approached with an opportunity to be an assistant for none other than Nikola Tesla. Cora would embark on this only get wrapped up in more than experiments…..there is a mystery to solve…. one of Nikola Tesla’s previous assistants death and documents that come up missing. Cora volunteers to help find out what happened so Tesla stays to finish his work and no leave to go back to New York. As the pieces are put together in this mystery…..danger lurks and secrets and twists come along the way. Will Cora uncover the truth with the aid of Harrison and Marshall?

This book was a fun read and the story flowed so well. Cora is smart and strong character and I loved her in this book.

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