One in A Billion (Pierce Brothers Book 3) by Belinda Williams – Review by Amanda Haller-Doris

One In A Billion (Pierce Brothers, #3)One In A Billion by Belinda Williams
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Talk about a series of mix-ups and miscommunications in one book! In the third Pierce Brothers book, we meet Seth, a billionaire tech guy who just wants to be treated like everyone else. Unfortunately for him, his PA is quitting and most of the recent applications keep hitting on him. In walks Victoria and the admin mistakes her for the applicant coming to interview. Seth is immediately intrigued by her and wants to hire her. Unfortunately Victoria isn’t there for a job interview; she is a reporter trying to get an interview with him for her article. She is up for a promotion and if she doesn’t get it before her 30th birthday, she is quitting her job. She admits to him that she isn’t what he thinks and he has her wrong name, she gives him her nickname and last name and he is able to track her down and realizes she is a reported. Initially he is pretty upset, but can’t stop thinking about her. He offers her a job as a consultant and will give her the interview. Victoria isn’t about mixing business and pleasure, but spending so much time with Seth is making it hard. There are still a lot of miscommunications between the two of them which definitely added to the tension in the story. I thought how the characters reacted to the different situations was extremely realistic given the circumstances. It was a well written story and the characters were well developed. Another great Pierce story and we get further insight into all of the brothers, except the 4th brother, whose book I hope is coming soon!

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