Undeniable (Central Florida Stories Book 2) by Victoria Saccenti – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Undeniable (Central Florida Stories, #2)Undeniable by Victoria Saccenti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Undeniable is a BDSM themed romance between Arley and Kurt (some spoilers). Arley and Kurt grew up as neighbors, but he is five years older and her brother’s best friend, while growing up. After the death of her father, Arley’s brother started to change, becoming more secretive and abusive; Kurt was always there though to soften the blow. They decided after her brother beat her up for the last time, it was time for them to move back to their motherland, Puerto Rico. Next thing you know, fifteen years have gone by and everyone is living their own lives. However, while Arley is living in Tennessee, as a teacher, she is attacked and kidnapped to join a sex traffick ring. Luckily, she is rescued, but has to hide out, which she does in Florida with a childhood friend. Little did she know Kurt, the boy she loved but could never have, was back living in Florida. After all her trauma, she wanted to get back to some resemblance of normal and get a job as a bartender at a BDSM club. Kurt happens to be a part owner of this club and their journey begins. He continues to be her protector as a group of men are trying to find and claim her, but during this protection their attraction grows and he brings her little by little into his world.
While I enjoyed this book I was surprised that there was more plot than BDSM. I really did fall in love with these characters. Arley is a strong, intelligent, curious, submissive woman (and I say that in a positive way). She mentally gets through all the crazy that happens by leaning on others and being open to different possibilities. Kurt, made a great dom in this scenario. He is a retired Marine who is a true protector. He is open with his feelings, doesn’t deal with the bullshit, is patient, and shows his caring side often. Even though, as you read, you can tell and hear the dominance in his “voice”, he knows the boundaries that people are capable of. He made Arley feel safe, loved, protected, and sexy as hell. Their relationship was truly enjoyable to watch as it deepened.

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