Goddess of Everything: A Blood-Curdling Tale of Truth, Freedom, and Love by Paul DeBlassie III- Review by Stephanie Driskill

Goddess of EverythingGoddess of Everything by Paul DeBlassie III
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Whoa! What a great thrilling read! Mother Juana de la Cruz is pure evil under the guise of religion and so is her entire nunnery. Using her son in ways that are unbelievable and often unreal. Poor Gabriel and his wife Consuela and their son who suffer from her nasty needs. I am stunned at how evil the religions of the world can be but, covered up by the “good” that they do and the money that is generated. I must say that Consuela is my favorite character as she sticks by her husband through all the evil and trickery that takes place and to find out that she is the hero in the end is the best reward for reading the book. Mothers are not the be all and end all in a little boy’s world! It is truly their wives that are looking out for their husband’s best interest. Always listen to that inner voice also known as intuition or a gut feeling- it usually does have something important and truthful to speak.
This book is full of twists and turns and kept me on the edge of my seat during the entire read. I found this book to be a real psychological thriller in such a way as to question religion and the truth of its motives. Great character development with many colorful characters and lots of mind-bending atrocities. I appreciate the Native lore of the book and the setting description that makes me feel the hot arid desert and the sand whipping and stinging my face. Such a great book to read but be prepared for the ride of your life.

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