Rivals (Mafia Elite Book 7) by Amy McKinley – Review by Desiree Ottinger

Rivals (Mafia Elite, #7)Rivals by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mia Tucci is the daughter of a NY Mafia boss that is straight up EVIL. She needs a champion to save her from her father’s evil plans for her. Nico La Rosa fills that need and more, he just doesn’t realize it… yet. When Mia offers him information to take down her father’s illegal schemes hinging on them marrying, he’s not sure he can pass it up. Will he take the plunge and make her his, in order to take down an evil mafia boss? Or instead, will he find that she is the perfect match for him?

This is the last of the Chicago Mafia series… I am sad to see this series end, but I am looking forward to the cameos with the NY Mafia! I really would have liked this story to have been longer, but honestly, it’s because I didn’t want it to end. Mia is starved for family and what better family to be a part of then the Chicago Mafia family? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about how these characters treat their women with respect and how deeply they love each other. There are no damsels in distress either; they are all fierce and loyal!

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