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This Time AroundThis Time Around by Jane Suen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Katie who broke up with her high school boyfriend and left for college never looking back, comes home for her friend’s wedding. Long hours on dream job have taken its toll on her and she has forgotten to RSVP and find a plus one for the wedding. Katie called her sister Mary two days before the wedding and upon Mary’s insistence, she came home for the big event. Once she arrived safely and in her sister’s care, Katie called her friend Laurie to let her know that she would be there but without a plus one. Laurie would not have that as she wanted everyone to be paired at her wedding so she told Katie that her plus one would meet her at the wedding. Guess who that is? Her ex-boyfriend, Chase, that she so rudely and coldly broke up with upon leaving for college. Through the pages we read more about the lovers past and get to the deep-seated issues that lie in the way between them. Along the journey, Katie realizes that what she thought was her dream job in reality is not and her boss truly is the Boss From Hell.
Such cute characters were well developed and well written so that we get to hear the inner thoughts of both Katie and Chase as we follow along with them. It was such a sweet romance and of course like most romance novels, the two find a way to be together and to build a life worth living. This book is a great read and a cute escape for an afternoon by the pool or at the beach. You can’t help but to fall in love with the leading man Chase and to cheer for the couple when they finally decide to pair up again but for life this time.

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