Burn (Elemental Warriors Book #1) by Joanna Morgan – Review by Angela Hayes

Burn (Elemental Warriors, #1)Burn by Joanna Morgan
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4.5 Stars


“Elementals had always played a part in human evolution and history, moving back and forth freely at times. Despite being unknown to most mortals, they viewed Earth as our neighbor in the cosmic universe. Now, only a few were allowed here for the purpose of fighting Chaos.
With the aid of the other warriors, Levi searched for Sleepers—humans with latent elemental powers—in hopes of draining them before the enemy, the Chaolt, caused them to self-destruct. And in so doing, caused damage and loss of life, and increased the amount of chaos in the world.
Self-destructing Sleepers were easy prey. More bang for less buck. Flash floods, blizzards, avalanches, tornadoes, the earthquake in 2008… They could all be blamed on the Chaolt. And that was just in Nevada. The loss of human life could be staggering, the amount of chaos released, catastrophic. Pompeii, for example. Which is why Sleepers drew the forces of Chaos like ants to sugar.
But Sleepers were rare. Even in large cities, only a handful could be found. Unless, of course, the city had a portal, a doorway between the Elemental and Mortal worlds. Sleepers felt drawn to the portals, usually settling nearby, their subconscious happier close to ‘home’. This desire to be near the portal made Topaz Ridge, and other portal cities and towns around the world, home to many Sleepers and ground zero for the war against Chaos.
Chaos had the ability to destroy the very fabric of the universe, Levi’s own world included, and for reasons unknown, that seemed to be their goal.
And they were winning. All anyone had to do to see they were losing the war against Chaos was to watch the TV or read the newspaper. Every day, there was a new disaster in some part of this world….”


Burn is the first book in the Elemental Warriors series and debut novel by Joanna Morgan. This is a fantastic paranormal romance with plenty of originality, danger, Elemental warriors facing off against a powerful supernatural adversary, action, adventure, mystery, intrigue, tension, intensity, chemistry, steam, and agendas. I was drawn to the book by the interesting cover and the fact the blurb promised something a little different in paranormal romance… and, to be honest, Ms. Morgan had me at Elementals. So, I didn’t waste a minute and grabbed a copy and began to immediately explore.
I was soon immersed in an exciting story that pulled me in and kept me flipping the pages, avidly reading to discover how things would play out. I loved the creative and original world-building, it really added an extra element of interest to the whole story for me. The whole Elemental Warriors, Sleepers, Chaolt thing was really well done and had me invested right from the opening passages. I think this book sets the series off to a fantastic start and I can’t wait to get my hands on Book #2!
If you love paranormal romance you will definitely want to grab a copy of this book to explore.
Happy reading!

Thank you, Joanna Morgan!


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