Hate You Later (Lit Lovers Series Book 1) by Ciara Blume

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Hate You Later (Lit Lovers Series Book 1) by Ciara Blume
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Page Count – 362
Cover Designer – Jillian Liota of Inde Graphic

Georgia Starr loathes asking for help, she’s tired of being let down. As a former foster kid dedicated to saving strays, she’ll do anything to rescue the pet shelter being threatened by the heartless Holm family. Could making her adorably dressed, goofy boxer mutt a viral sensation save the shelter and everything she cares about? 

Hudson doesn’t need anyone else asking him for favors simply because he’s a Holm. He’s got his hands full dealing with the fallout from booting the pet shelter. If he can turn the persnickety Persian he’s cat sitting into an online celebrity, will it be enough to fix his family’s PR problems? 

Georgia and Hudson clash like cats and dogs whenever they meet in person but they can’t deny a certain animal attraction. If only real life human conversations were as easy as chatting as their pets online! What will happen when they reveal their true identities? 

Watch the fur fly and stick around for the warm fuzzies in this stand-alone, series starter, enemies-to-lovers romcom.


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Ciara Blume met her husband in a comedy improv troupe. This pretty much sealed her fate as a rom com writer. 

She received a degree in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins University and has enjoyed a diverse career as a blogger, photographer, designer, indie film producer, marketing pro and tech founder/CEO. Post pandemic, she took the opportunity to focus on fiction. This stand-alone, series starter kicks off the Lit Lovers series. 

Ciara lives in Southern California with her husband, four fantastic children and an odd eyed cat with an impressive social following. She enjoys traveling, crafting, and taking naps on cruise ships.

Author Interview with Ciara Blume



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