Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass: a Mermaid Science Story Reviewed by: Jaimie Salmon-Colburn

Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass: a Mermaid Science StoryMermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass: a Mermaid Science Story by Lois Wickstrom
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This book is adorable. And who doesn’t love mermaids?! This book is about two friends playing by a lake (Fig and Maia). Maia can see the mermaid Trezzie, but Fig can’t. It can make this a bit strange when playing. Fig and Maia are playing with stones when Maia spots Trezzie swimming towards them. Trezzie places a small stone next to Maia, but when she shows it to Fig she says it’s to small for their tower. Maia thinks there is something about it because it came from Trezzie. When they look closer they can see that there is something on it, but they need a magnifying glass to see it better. Science to the rescue! Fig says she knows how to make one, and lists an item she needs. Fig doesn’t see Trezzie go into the lake and bring back an item, but it shows up next to her feet!! Fig makes a magnifying glass with the container and they can see what is on the rock. Maia says to show Trezzie, but because Fig can’t see her she lets Maia show her. It turns out that there is a fossil on the stone. Something similar to a Rolly-Polly. The bug that curls up with you touch it. The girls ask if there are more so they can each bring one home. Trezzie leaves and is gone a long time. Fig thinks she got lost and decides to head home. What happened to Trezzie? Does she come back? Do they get their fossils? Read the book to find out that and more!! This book was for my seven year old. She LOVES mermaids and this one is so cute! The story keeps her locked in until the end. And it’s fun to test out some of the science from the books! There are more than one book, but they can be read as stand alone with no problems. I love the added science in the book. That’s not something that is really taught at the younger ages so “sneaking” it in now can’t hurt!

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