Tropical Date (Postscript Island Book 3) by R.S. Jonesee – Review by Katrina Evanochko

Tropical Date (Postscript Island, #2)Tropical Date by R.S. Jonesee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Marissa and Weston have been best friends since kindergarten, and fell in love. Five years ago, unexpected news rattled them and they broke up. Weston left the island they lived on and hadn’t returned to visit. That changes when his mom asks for his help. Their first time seeing each other… does not go well.

Marissa and Weston have obvious chemistry. I liked Weston and Marissa, though both seemed a bit naive to me. The entire cast of characters is interesting, but a few things fell flat. The story is a bit predictable, and some of the characters were odd and not quite realistic – like Weston’s staff’s over-the-top insistence on putting slippers on Marissa or feeding her. That being said, I enjoyed the story and there were many parts that were funny. It is the perfect beach read.

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