Boss’s Vendetta: Dark Mafia Romance (Sicilian Gods Book 1) by Via Mari – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Boss's Vendetta (Sicilian Gods Book 1)Boss’s Vendetta by Via Mari
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This is only for those over the age of 18 due to its adult themes.

Salvatore Larussio is a man who leads a double life, by day he spends time with the high rollers at his families casino, spending time with the big wigs, the high up and the social climbers, but begins closed doors, he is a ruthless heir to a mafia throne. Adrianna is a doctor with a past she would rather forget, but now she is working at the Larussio resort and is in charge of the urgent care there, but as well as the usual emergencies she has to deal with, add into that the responsibility of sewing the family up as well, she has a lot on her plate.

The two first butt heads over the treatment of a family member and when she doesn’t back down when faced with the devil himself, he is more shocked than anything, but when a family gathering which is supposed to be a happy one turns into a bloodbath, things take a turn for the unexpected for Adrianna. In the midst of triaging the casualties, a decision is made to whisk her away with them so that she can continue their care, but just what that means is something Adrianna is completely opposed to, but seemingly has no choice in the matter.

As they are being kept in close confines, things that Salvatore finds intriguing about this ice queen from the emergency room are the things he finds attract him to her the most, but when Adrianna is confronted with the realisation that she is attracted to those same things, she decides to tell Salvatore the truth of why she is there. Will the secrets she has been hiding make or break the tenuous bond she has is building with the family, or will it be her undoing? This is a Mafia suspense with plenty of action throughout, as this darkly romantic story pulls you into the the underworld and keeps you there, while you follow along this spicy story of retaliation and retribution.

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