Boss’s Vendetta (Sicilian Gods Book 1) by Via Mari – Review by Shea Gilkerson 10/28/22

Boss's Vendetta (Sicilian Gods Book 1)Boss’s Vendetta by Via Mari
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Adrianna is a doctor in the Vegas strip, hired specifically to be at the beck and call of the Larussio crime family. While she also serves as the doctor to visitors of their hotel, her contract pays her extremely well and includes a glitzy apartment to keep the mafia family healthy. She has her reasons for taking this job, and the salary and amenities are strictly a bonus until she accomplishes what she came to do.

Salvatore Larussio is about to become the new Don to the family after his cousin stepped down from the position. As Great Uncle ages, he is preparing to retire very soon and hand the reins over to Sal. Sal was formerly an enforcer in their mafia family and is well known for his ruthlessness matching his cold demeanor. In reality, Sal has far more fears than anyone would ever realize. Being in charge meant everyone and their safety was his responsibility, now. It meant he could no longer enforce the punishments on their enemies, he could only make the call to do so. He lives in fear for his family and himself and has no time for love or romance.

However, Adrianna has caught his eye and he cannot help but recognize the pull he feels for her. He thinks of her constantly, even though any time they speak her distaste for him is evident. Will Sal take a shot at love? Will Adrianna’s secret and intentions ruin anything that might develop?

This is a fast paced read, very well written, draws a beautiful picture of their surroundings and has you rooting for Sal and Adrianna to be together in spite of everything. Looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

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