Lucas the Spy Cat (Jake the Growling Dog) by Samantha Shannon

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Lucas the Spy Cat (Jake the Growling Dog) by Samantha Shannon
Genre – Kids, Family, Educational
Page Count – 23
Cover Designer – Lei Yang

Lucas is no ordinary cat!

Though the family suspects, they don’t truly know where it is their cat Lucas really goes. He walks out the door at night, with a gravely meow “good-bye”, and doesn’t come home till the morning light. Lucas’ family is determined to find out where their cat goes and what he does, so they attach a spy camera to Lucas’ collar, hoping to find out the truth about his secret identity.

Mysteries & Capers

Wherever he goes and whatever he does, his family is sure that Lucas and his forest pals are solving mysteries of all shapes and sizes! 

Children will love following along with Lucas and his pals as they keep their neighborhood safe a sound. Who will they save next, or what mystery will they solve? The mysteries will be surprising and, best of all, fun! Join the fun as some animals need rescuing, while others need a friend or learn how to dance.

Superheroes and Superfans

Kids will love becoming superfans by picking out their favorite colorful characters in Lucas’ first tale, part of the best-selling Jake the Growling Dog book series. These superheroes and spies help other forest creatures and neighbors with feats of strength, wit, problem-solving, giving a hand (or paw), and showing kindness to all creatures, great and small.

For the Love of all Critters!

Do you have a little one who loves animals of all kinds? Lucas’ books highlight all sorts of animals kids love, including bugs, frogs, snakes, bats, deer, raccoons, opossums, owls, cats, dogs, turtles, and many more! Your children will have a hard time deciding who their favorite is, and they can even create their own in the activity pages.

Looking for Ways to Boost Creativity & Imagination?

Lucas and his friends love telling stories, but they also want their young readers to create their own fun. After the fun-loving story, kids and families will enjoy a hide-and-seek page, making their superhero or spy, learning about ways to encourage creativity and imagination, writing a mystery, and much more! Don’t forget to visit for more additional coloring pages and activities.

Beautifully Illustrated

Lucas the Spy Cat lives in a colorful, magical neighborhood where animals help each other save the day. Young readers will enjoy colorful pages full of exciting critters like owls, bats, deer, dogs, cats, snakes, frogs, and more, all in a natural forest setting under the moonlight. Each page is beaming with bright colors, which kids will love.

Perfect Gifts for Home, Classroom, and Offices

Licensed educational counselor and best-selling author Samantha Shannon builds upon her world for Jake the Growling Dog with a new spin-off book for Lucas the Spy Cat. While this fun-loving book is full of humor and colorful capers, it also includes activities and conversation starters that are sure to spark creativity and imagination in your kiddos and students.


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Samantha Shannon is a top-selling children’s book author and licensed educational counselor who uses her background in education, love for nature and animals, and experience aiding in the healthy social-emotional development of children to create fun and impactful books. 

With Samantha’s background in educational counseling, Jake’s stories focus on fun while also including important socio-emotional and character topics such as: friendship, kindness, mindfulness, diversity & inclusion, gratitude, sharing, disability awareness & loving-kindness and more. Each story includes fun and impactful activities for children, families, schools, & counselors centering on pure childhood fun, the topics touched on in the book, and encouraging creativity and imagination. Jake’s stories speak to all of us about accepting, and appreciating, the differences in others–both caring attitudes we need in our diverse and beautiful world. 

When Samantha had her first child in 2009, she wanted to write a picture book based on her sister’s dog, Jake. While visiting her sister in the Pacific Northwest, Samantha realized that Jake growled all the time. He growled while playing frisbee, getting an ear rub, running, and even when he was sleeping! Despite his unusual choice of noisemaking, Jake is a sweet dog, which makes him the perfect character for a children’s picture book.

Samantha’s love for creatures great and small has led her to incorporate animals in all of the books- from eagles to cheetahs! Throughout her life, Samantha’s family has always included a dog, and they’ve always been more than pets. They were fur-brothers, sisters, and babies.

Samantha has also published multiple books under her pen name, Parker Sinclair, in the fantasy and YA genres.

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