Moments That Define Us (Gray Ghost Series Book #0.5) by Amy McKinley – Review by Angela Hayes

Moments That Define Us (Gray Ghost #0.5)Moments That Define Us by Amy McKinley
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5 Stars

Moments That Define Us is the prelude (Book #0.5) to Gray Ghost Series by Amy McKinley. I have read all of Ms. McKinley’s books and have loved every single one. She is a fantastic writer who is able to weave a captivating story that hook me every time. I have loved the Gray Ghost series and so I was quite intrigued by what this prelude would contain. To say I am blown away would be an understatement! I already loved the characters- but after reading this and seeing where they came from and some of what they have been through, makes me admire and love them even more!
The story is quite intense and emotional. There are scenes that made my heart ache- but the main thing I got from this book was a whole lot more respect and admiration for the team, because having been through what they had, it would have been easy for them to give up, or to take the easy road- but they didn’t, and that takes massive strength of character to rise above and fight for what you believe in. The sense of duty, honour, loyalty, camaraderie, and tight-knit team work was apparent right from their early years- and has only gotten stronger as they got older. I love how this book really sets the stage for the rest of the series and gives such an amazing insight into the characters beginnings.
This may be a small story (novella), but still manages to pack a punch. Ms. McKinley fits a lot into a small space, making the whole thing seem like a much bigger book- in a great way!
I am so looking forward to the next Gray Ghost book!

Thank you, Ms. McKinley!

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