Divided Lives by K.R. Mullins – Review by Kerry Carr

Divided LivesDivided Lives by K R Mullins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great historical mystery. I really enjoyed how the author told this story and the concept of the main character basically living 2 separate lives, one with her female partner which at the time was unheard of and the other of a respectable lady in a job that demands respect.
This story was interesting and gripping but at times I really felt for Lottie as she struggles to keep both her lives separate, which today we wouldn’t even need to think about or consider.

Lottie works as a legal clerk and when she starts to work on a criminal case involving a police officer it becomes a job with more risks than you could even imagine.
Lottie finds herself being blackmailed but who is doing it and what do they hope to gain from it?
Now we have to follow Lottie as she tries to uncover who is behind the blackmail and try to save her personal life from coming out in the open and affecting her professional life.
After being so careful with keeping personal and professional separate who could know about her preferences and would be willing to use it against her to get what they want? And how does it all link to the trial she is working on of Officer Charles Becker.

I really enjoyed this book and I couldn’t stop reading until I found out who was behind it all. The historical twist was nice and the insight into Lottie’s life at the time when falls for the same sex was a big no no was interesting to read but at the same time also sad that it could have such a dangerous and shameful effect if the truth were to be exposed.
I throughly enjoyed this book.

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