Hate You Later (Lit Lovers Series Book 1) by Ciara Blume – Review by Kerry Carr

Hate You Later (Lit Lovers, #1)Hate You Later by Ciara Blume
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story. The characters were easy to like and the enemies to lovers story was good with a unique twist.
This story is definately a rom com filled with funny goings on. Our main characters at first hate each other after Georgia finds out that Hudson is part of the family that is messing up her business and threatening the animal shelter she cares so much about.
Any attraction that was there goes in an instant to hate.
But there is a twist in this tale.
Georgia is part of an influencer challenge as her pet dog and she is paired with a cat?

As they work as a team to complete the challenges the connection between them gets stronger but neither knows who is behind their pets.
What happens when the owners come out from behind their pets? Will the attraction still be there? Or will they continue to fight like cat and dog?

This is a really fun story and I loved the pet element it added extra mystery to the story as you don’t know who is behind the pets and when it is reveled you will be shocked and happily surprised.

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