Into the Light (Moon Harbor Series Book 3) by Kate McWilliams – Review by Stephanie Chapman

Into the LightInto the Light by Kate McWilliams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ellie and Rafael both have a crush on each other. However, Ellie has no clue about his attraction to her and Rafael attempts to hide his feelings. Rafael is best friends with Ellie’s older brother and takes on the role of a protector of Ellie’s best interests. Ellie doesn’t want to be viewed as a little sister anymore.
At Rafael’s birthday party, Ellie is wearing a tiny red dress, and Rafael is mortified when he sees other men ogling her. He shadows her and whispers about how inappropriate her dress appears. Angry, Ellie tells him off and then slips through the crowd, making it a point to not look at him. Before she leaves, she hands him his gift and leaves. He quickly follows but not before she runs into her ex-boyfriend David. David is still interested in Ellie, and she invites him to go to her brother’s wedding. Rafael and Ellie are torn into a dance of hiding their feelings or allowing their vulnerability to show.
Meanwhile, darkness from Rafael’s past has followed him. His past could cost him his relationship with Ellie and his reputation with the tiny town he has called home.

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