Mafia Elite Series Box Set Volume 2 by Amy McKinley – Review by Deb Robinson

Mafia Elite Box Set: Volume TwoMafia Elite Box Set: Volume Two by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Savage Secrets Book 4

The author has hit it out of the park with this continued series. I can not get enough of this tight knit group of Italian mafia family friends. Elena has been in hiding for so long. At the end of the last book, her secret came out that she was still alive. The family went nuts. Now things have gotten too dangerous with the Russian mafia that she has to be found. Who will find her first? The Russians or the Italians? This book had so many shocks for Elena that your heart will be pulled in so many directions. If you have read the previous books, this is a must read for sure. The author brings these characters to life in each book, you feel like you would want to be friends and know them. Amazing writing.

Ruthless Heir Book 5

I love this Series. If you have not read it. I highly recommend it. Mafia, murder, love, sex, crime, kidnapping…. What more could you want. You will be drawn into this book from the moment you meet Summer and then not long after Luc. This twisted tale will keep you on pins and needles. I couldn’t put this down. Luc and Summer have a very complicated connection that only deepens as the story continues. I had to look and see if there was a next book. YES, there is. I can’t wait.

Collateral Damage Book 6

Oh my Goodness, I absolutely love this series. In this 5th book, the story revolves around Trey and Hailey. Hailey has always been second best in life and took to hiding in the background as much as possible. Trey, the sauve sexy doctor/ mafia man is trying to get over the death of his coffee shop girlfriend Teressa. Trey and Hailey are thrown together by unforeseen circumstances. This book will keep you reading long into the night or will be read in one day. I could not put it down. All our favourite characters are still in this story which draws you in even more. I hope this series never has to end.

Rivals book 7

Love this series. This book did not disappoint as it gave so much action and suspense right off the first few pages. I was hooked. The story of Nico and Mia. Mai is from the New York Mafia and Nico is an underboss of the Chicago syndicate. When Mia finds her way to Nico, will he take her up on her request for protection? Everything lies in Nico’s hands. Surprise after surprise in this story. You will be glued to every page. I just can’t get enough of these characters and how they intermingle.

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