Mafia Elite Series Box Set Volume 2 by Amy McKinley

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Mafia Elite Series Box Set Volume 2 by Amy Mckinley
Genre – Mafia Romance, Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer – TE Black Designs

The last four suspenseful romance books in the Mafia Elite series are full of strong men and women who navigate arranged marriages, forbidden relationships, enemies-to-lovers, and second chances that will keep you guessing until the very end. 

Savage Secrets:  Chicago Mafia boss Marco La Rosa thought the only woman he’d ever loved had died years ago. But when her brother approaches with an arranged marriage contract, he learns she’s very much alive and in danger. 

On-the-run Mafia princess Elena Caruso cut all family ties to survive. When the enemy close in, her only chance for survival is the man who once held her heart. 

Ruthless Heir:  The crown had always been Luc Savino’s. He just didn’t know it until a Chicago Mafia boss persuades him to assume his destiny. But he won’t go without Summer—a one-night stand, and probable spy for the former CEO of his latest hostile takeover. 

Summer isn’t telling him everything, but Luc finds her impossible to resist. As their trust in one another grows, Summer’s enemies close in. Despite all the lies between them, it’s the truth that could tear them apart. 

Collateral Damage:  When Mafia surgeon, Trey La Rosa, met the one woman who could bring him to his knees, grief from his girlfriend’s recent death loomed between them. He forced himself to walk away. Months later, she’s been kidnapped—and he’ll do anything to save her. 

Rivals:  No woman has ever breached the walls of Nico La Rosa’s heart, and he’s content with who he is—a brutal, dark, and broken underboss to the Chicago Mafia. That is until a New York Mafia princess seeks him out. She’s a fantasy with midnight hair, violet eyes, and a body that promises hours of sin—and she needs his aid, but helping her will cost him.


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Amy McKinley is the USA Today bestselling author of the romantic suspense thriller Gray Ghost Novels, Deadly Isles Special Ops, Covert Recruits, Mafia Elite, Moonlit Destination series, Five Fates paranormal romance series, and several stand-alone titles. Her edge-of-your-seat books are filled with surprising twists and just the right amount of heat and danger. She lives in Illinois with her husband, two daughters, two sons, and three mischievous cats. You can find her at



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