Master Catteneo (Masters of the Consulate Book 5) by Sylvia Black – Review by Desiree Ottinger

Master CatteneoMaster Catteneo by Sylvia Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Master Catteneo is not used to being contradicted or challenged when he tells someone to do something. However, from his first meeting with Alessia, he finds himself constantly in that position. Alessia is the granddaughter of a psychic that sided with the vampires in their war with rogue vampires and witches. Having inherited her grandmother’s power, she finds that she will also do anything to protect the vampires. Catteneo and Alessia are forced to work together to find the Overmaster’s mate that has been kidnapped. The closer they work together, the more they find themselves drawn to each other, and eventually, entangled together. Can they complete their task before it’s too late? Will they be able to overcome the humanity of Alessia and find a way to be together?

This is a continuation of the series Masters of the Consulate. This was a quick read. It drew me in from the beginning and was fast paced through to the end. Alessia is a girl who knows her mind and doesn’t have a problem fighting for what she sees as right. She lets her heart lead her, and she fits right in with the rest of the characters in their loyalties to each other. I would have liked to have read more interactions between her and the other ladies, as well as so more in-depth backstory for Catteneo. The story continues to become more involved, and I look forward to reading more!

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