Musical Murder Mystery Boxed Set #1 Books 1-3 by K.L. Montgomery

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Musical Murder Mystery Boxed Set #1 Books 1 – 3  by K.L. Montgomery
Genre – Cozy Mystery, Clean
Page Count – 500
Cover Designer – Mountains Wanted Publishing 
This boxed set includes the following books:
The Sound of Murder
How do you solve a problem like a…murder?
Ruby Ecco has been a chorus girl her whole life. “You have a great voice and such a pretty face, but we don’t have a leading role for someone your size,” is what casting directors have always told her.
But she’s finally landed a nice gig, touring with a traveling theatre troupe. Being in the chorus affords her the opportunity to sightsee in every town they visit….and to shine in a brand-new role when one of her castmates turns up dead.
Can Ruby solve the mystery of what happened to Mother Abbess in their production of The Sound of Music? Would someone actually murder a woman who was in town to play a NUN?!
Ruby intends to climb every mountain on her quest to bring the murderer to justice…or else it might be so long, farewell for our favorite chorus girl!
West Side Murder
Something’s coming if Ruby doesn’t stop it in time…
Florida’s Gulf Coast, 2009. A body is found dead on a local retirement community’s golf course. Police chalked it up to natural causes, but several West Vista del Boca residents are convinced it was murder.
Enter Ruby and The Melody Street Players, in town to perform West Side Story at the local theater. Ruby’s grandparents are divided over whether or not Ruby should investigate the decade-old murder. And her grandparents aren’t the only ones divided in West Vista del Boca. Two rival factions are battling for control of the community council.
Could the ongoing war between the Golfers and Palmers explain what happened on the golf course all those years ago? Can Ruby unravel the clues in time to save this community’s version of Tony and Maria, or will she find herself the latest victim of the rival gangs’ rift?
Little Shop of Murder
Attending your boss’s nephew’s wedding as a spy?
Zero stars. Do not recommend.
Ruby Ecco and the Melody Street Players are back in their home base of Bloomington, Indiana, to stage Little Shop of Horrors, their first production of the new year. When the cast receives a much-needed holiday gift of a full weekend off, Ruby is afraid she’ll be bored–until Margaret, her boss, invites her to do some sleuthing at a family wedding, where strangeness is afoot.
Henry, Margaret’s nephew and the groom’s younger brother, is dating a rather mysterious and elusive woman. Margaret is convinced he’s gotten himself in over his head. Ruby can’t help but think of Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, the naive flower shop employee who buys a very strange plant that should have come with a warning label.
When Ruby finds out Henry’s mysterious girlfriend’s name is Audrey Tooe, she’s quite alarmed. In the musical, Seymour names his alien plant Audrey II. Since every new show seems to coincide with a murder, Ruby fears the horror on stage might suddenly spill over into real life…


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  K.L. Montgomery writes #bodypositive cozy mystery, sweet romance and romcom. A librarian in a former life, she now works as an editor and runs the 5000-member Indie Author Support group on Facebook in addition to publishing under two names.

Though she remains a Hoosier at heart, K.L. shares her coastal Delaware home with some furry creatures and her husband, who is on the furry side as well. She has an undying love for her three sons, Broadway musicals, the beach, Seinfeld, the color teal, IU basketball, paisleys, and dark chocolate.

Author Interview with K.L. Montgomery

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