Order of Vespers (The Vespers Chronicles Book 1) by Matilda Reyes – Review by Bobbi Wagner

Order of VespersOrder of Vespers by Matilda Reyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Order of Vespers by Elyse Reyes is a Young Adult story that will take you into a world of the unknown for this character. This author has created a character that will take you on an emotional ride of twists and turns and sitting on the edge of your seat. This story will pull you in from the first chapter forward. You will sincerely enjoy how this character has a personality that will make you wonder what is up in one moment and in the next ohhh, how sweet in the next. Find out how these characters are good and bad throughout the story and how they just really make the story flow.

Jasper Andrews is a protagonist, that is unpredictable, strong willed and sassy. She has been accused of blowing things up and starting a fire that killed her family. She seems to have a special gift. What will happen when she is taken by a group that is trying to teach her how to use her gift? She thinks she is in danger, but is she? Who is this group? What do they really want with her?

The Order of Vespers are trying to restore the order of peace through intervention. They are tasked with maintaining the balance between light and dark to make sure no faction becomes to powerful. Is Jasper the answer to their journey? Will she be able to help maintain the balance they are seeking? How far are they willing to go to maintain this balance?

Jasper is a strong character that tries real hard to make you think that she is just this bad girl. I think that in reality, she is really smart and has no idea how to control her special gift. She has some issues and some scars that will leave you questioning trust. You will find yourself relating to her and realizing sometimes she really does make sense. You will enjoy seeing how her character develops throughout the story and how stronger she becomes.

This is my first story by Elyse Reyes and I really enjoyed the journey she took me on with this story and I can’t wait to read something else from her. Elyse believes in life experiences that make great stories. She enjoys the different genes and her influences are diverse. She loves chatting with her readers. She has created a story that is a fast paced story that will have you reading until the last page. You will find that you will lose yourself in this story and the need to find out what happens around the next corner. I highly suggest this story as I know you will want to take the ride to another world with the unexpected as much as I did.

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