The Intruders by Brett McKay – Review by Diane Sennett

The IntrudersThe Intruders by Brett McKay

The Intruders, originally published on Amazon’s Vella Platform is now an ebook. While I found the author’s notes at the end of each chapter to be distracting as I read; by the third chapter I skipped them, and the pace of the story flowed well. The story that Brett McKay brings to life was thrilling to read.
Dex Sanders is making his way through life as a car salesman, a career he’d like to change. He is a devoted husband and father. His life is turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Dex, his wife and children are abducted in the middle of the night and taken to an unknown place. When he is faced with a life-or-death situation, Dex only wants to keep his wife and children from harm’s way.
When an opportunity to escape is revealed, Dex and his family take refuge in a hotel with the police to protect them; however, can they trust the police, or anyone else?
Without giving away any details of the story, this book is action packed, fast-paced and I enjoyed reading it. I easily connected with the characters and rooted for them to triumph from start to finish.
I would recommend reading this book.

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