Bycatch by Alexander Blevens – Review by Julie Johnson

BycatchBycatch by Alexander Blevens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Bycatch”: the portion of a commercial fishing catch that consists of marine animals caught unintentionally. -Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged.

Rex Thompson made a huge mistake while serving in Vietnam and Nguyen Duc Dung not only witnessed the mistake but paid a huge price for it. Many years later and a world apart, their lives would come together again.

Rex wasn’t the best husband, father, employee, or friend and he’s trying to change that. Or at least he thought he was. Ruled by the bottle, Rex ends up making even more mistakes and one day escapes his two teenage sons to try to make amends. Little does he know that Jake and Pigeon are going to follow in his footsteps in an even worse manner.

Dung ends up dead one day and everyone is pointing the finger at Rex, except that he’s nowhere around. The only other logical conclusion is that his son’s have sunk the boat that they fell in love with, but lost, when their dad ran away.

Rex finally returns home to learn of Dung’s death and this stirs up many thoughts of the past. Did this have something to do with him afterall or is he just the bycatch?

This was an enjoyable novel full of mystery and intrigue. I found myself liking Rex from the beginning even though I knew he was not the most reputable person. This is a story of hatred and love, forgiveness and abandonment, of redemption and saving.

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