Bycatch by Alexander Blevens – Review by Michelle Troyer

BycatchBycatch by Alexander Blevens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is not one I would have originally chosen to read, but the narrative peaked my interest as did the book the entire way through. It starts during a stent in Vietnamese years ago, where Rex did a wrong doing and leaves Don getting the punishment for it. Rex goes back to the States, not knowing what transpired after he left until years later when Don and his family had relocated to Mississippi. Don held a grudge for years and wanted to speak with Rex about it, but never gets the chance before his death. Rex finds out after Don’s death what transpired years ago, which brings them to the current day. However, Don’s death was thought to be a murder, but was it? Rex’s sons are being blamed for Don’s death. Don’s daughter, Anh, finds a journal that her dad had written in years ago that explains everything that happened. It’s a great story of how we cannot assume we know what other’s have gone through in life as everyone has a past. I highly recommend this book to readers!

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