Revenge Honeymoon by K.J. Gillenwater – Review by Christine Baranek

Revenge HoneymoonRevenge Honeymoon by K.J. Gillenwater
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Revenge Honeymoon
By: K.J. Gillenwater

This is the story of Emily and Ruby. Two best friends who definitely have ideas that aren’t always the best. Emily tries her best in everything but somehow always falls short when compared to her friend Ruby. Ruby is madly in love and about to get married… until she is left at the altar. Emily, as all best friends would, comes up with a brilliant plan to help Ruby. They’re going to go on Ruby’s honeymoon together. I mean, really, isn’t that what every best friend would do?
However, their plan hits a small problem when they discover that the cruise is for couples only! They decide to get creative and pretend to be a couple. There’s absolutely no way that this plan can go wrong, right? I mean best friends are close to being a couple.
When one of them falls madly in love with the ship’s photographer their plan begins to go awry. Will their trip be ruined if someone has a tryst? Will they be sent with their bags packing because they aren’t a couple.
Can they continue to have the trip they meant to when this happens? Will thier friendship falter?
I LOVE this book! The adventures that the girls have are wonderful and I definitely was left wanting more. I only hope that someday I have a friend like Emily. She definitely means well and I could relate to her so much! This was such a fun and easy red. I definitely want to read more of their adventures. This was the perfect weekend read that made me wanting a trip to the Carribean ASAP!

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