Dream-Shifter. Book Review by Jennifer Ramos

Dream-ShifterDream-Shifter by Lois Wickstrom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you’re a fan of Lois Wickstrom’s books and the Disney movie, Seeing Red, you will love this selection! Gwendolyn, a middle school student, is a very determined and goal-oriented girl with ambitions of one day being a journalist. Her main priorities right now are finishing her paper on time and a running competition where the prize money will go towards a journalism camp at the university. Then unexpectedly, there is a fire in her home and realizes she needs to escape when she wakes up as an elk. The changing into the elk doesn’t come too much of a surprise as Gwendolyn comes from a family of dream-shifters, humans that can transform into animals while dreaming. The unfortunate part is that now Gwendolyn is stuck in this animal form. She then embarks on a mission to continue her strides to make it to journalism camp and find a way to transform herself back to human form before time runs out.
Being a kids book, there are so many great takeaways from the situation Gwendolyn has been dealt with. Learning to be flexible, sticking to your goals, coming up with new ideas, and seeking others in times of need are all great points to be instilled in kids. Another great thing for kids to enjoy is that fantasy aspect, which is a big trend nowadays. Thinking of this as I’m reading the book is to seek the opportunity of reading this book along with your kid/pre-teen together. This opens up such great discussions and bonding as well.

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