Gunner (Hollins & Haring Book 3) by T.J. Beach

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Gunner (Hollins & Haring Book 3) by T.J. Beach
Genre – Crime, Thriller
Page Count – 268
Cover Designer – Jessica Scott

Gary Hollins is a mystery to Debbie Haring. 

She’s seen him snap into action with bullets flying when their private detective assignments turned bad. It blew her mind.

He learned those deadly skills somewhere, and his grumpy-assed attitude, but whenever she broaches the subject, the shutters go up. 

Gary only works when Debbie nags him. He’s content to survive on bad jokes and cheap beer wasting his days away in a West Australian beachside caravan park.

His past is behind him, far away in England, and that’s where he wants it to stay. 

Then Debbie’s world collapses. Her beloved mum’s the first Bell’s Landing local to test positive for the killer COVID virus sweeping the globe. 

She’s in despair, stuck in quarantine with her kids and Gary while husband Matt, her rock, is eight hundred kilometres away on a mine site. So, Gary turns reluctantly to the only thing that might distract her, his sorry tale.

And it all comes out. How he was cut from SAS recruitment just short of graduation, but a fringe-government organisation offered Gary a reprieve. If he could infiltrate a neo-Nazi hate group, they’d see he had a second chance at special forces wings. The impossible choices — ordered to participate in increasingly violent attacks, plagued with doubts about his shady handlers while his pregnant girlfriend tore her hair out over the lies he had to tell at home.

The story’s tearing Gary apart, but it’s all that keeps Debbie sane as her mum’s condition deteriorates.

To help his friend, Gary must face the demons that drove him from his own family.

Hollins & Haring #3, Gunner is a standalone mystery thriller set in Western Australia and London.


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I’m from Perth, Western Australia. A lifelong lover of thrillers, romance, whodunnits and historical sagas.

I read for fun – beach reads – stories for a sunny afternoon or an armchair by the fire.

Perhaps it’s a reaction to my decades masquerading as a serious reporter or it might be the influence of four years in the English public school that produced such light entertainment luminaries as P.G. Wodehouse, C.S. Forester, Raymond Chandler and Simon Brett. The teachers wore capes, even mortarboards. Throw in a couple of brooms and it could have been Hogwarts.

Author Interview with T.J. Beach



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