If I Had a Magic Wand by Melissa Lavi – Review by Angela Hayes

If I had a Magic WandIf I had a Magic Wand by Melissa Lavi
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4 Stars


“If I had a magic wand that made my wishes come true,
I’d wave it high and wave it low
And use all my wishes on you…”


If I Had a Magic Wand by Melissa Lavi is a sweet, illustrated children’s storybook that can be enjoyed by both young and old… It is written is a poetic, lyrical style- which certainly adds to the whole feel of this sweet, heart-warming book.
This is a story of a mother’s wish for her baby/children- passing the wishing wand from mother to mother as they each make wishes for their little ones. The messages are touching, tender, sweet, poignant, and inspirational. As I mother, I can really relate to all of the wishes and definitely wish the same for my children and grandchildren, also.
A lovely story to read your child at bedtime, leaving them with meaningful messages of love, hope, family, and unity as they nod off to sleep….
Happy Reading.

Thank you, Melissa Levi!


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