Return to Gallanvaig (A Quirk of Destiny Book 2) by Catherine Greenall – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Return to Gallanvaig: Beyond A Quirk of DestinyReturn to Gallanvaig: Beyond A Quirk of Destiny by Catherine Greenall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book really took off very quickly. It was just as good, maybe even better than the first book in the series! I was amazed with the story, characters, and the writing all the way through!

The story was realistic beyond means. I reflected so much as I read. It was a powerful read none the less to say the least! I enjoyed the book that took place after a time line of the first. I did not expect the epicness to be as extreme as it was! Death is all around the world, can the world be saved? The book was paranormal , yes, but how vivid it was made me fear what our world could become! Freaking amazing read!

If you have not read the first book, please do it right this minute. Do not walk-RUN!!! The author is amazing, and this story is not to be missed, the first book helps all make sense. Highly recommend this must read!

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