The Sacrifice (Dragonpets Book 1) by R.L.S. Hoff – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Sacrifice (Dragonpets #1)The Sacrifice by R.L.S. Hoff
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When you wake up to find yourself dressed in some flimsy fine dress, which is definitely not your usual clothing choice, soaked through by freezing rain and chained to the side of a mountain, the first thing which should cross your mind is why am I here, or at least you should be worried about this, but I’m not and that is really strange. I find that I couldn’t care less why I am there or even what I was doing any time before this, what could have been going through the mind of a farmers daughter to bring her to this place, in this weather and only wearing what I am, never mind about the chains themselves.

As I am asking myself these questions and wracking my brain over them, warm steam starts to come out of the cave opposite me and albeit it I am more than thankful for the heat, while wishing my mind would hurry up and catch up with itself and become scared, especially when the dragon appears. Dragons are scary and I should rightly be terrified, but still I am not, something is desperately wrong with me, dragons are known for breathing fire, raining down destruction and tormenting their victims before eating them, so I really should figure out what is going on and why I am there before I become the next sacrificed lamb, so to speak.

Will I become a snack for this dragon in front of me, or will I even care if I do? This is a fantasy tale of dragons, magic and one very spirited young woman where nothing is as it seems and danger is everywhere she looks, but will her sacrifice be in vain? This story will keep you reading as it hooks you into a tale which enchants and enthrals.

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