Defying Ella: A Close Proximity Rock Star Romance (True Platinum Series) by Morgana Bevan – Reviewed by Dr. Anya Schultz

Defying Ella (True Platinum #4)Defying Ella by Morgana Bevan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who doesn’t love a good enemy to lovers romance? Ella is a free spirit who had a weeklong romance with Jared, a rock star. At the time Ella did not know who this man was, but after he left her with a semi-broken heart, he showed up at her sister’s apartment because, SURPRISE, he is a bandmate to her brother-in-law. This was not going to be a good time for Ella since she had already agreed to be her niece’s nanny while they were on tour. While on tour, Jared made life a living hell for Ella. She never understood why he was always so angry with her and trying to put her down. The tour was finally over and she and the girls were doing a two-week vacation in the Alps, in Italy. Ella went ahead of all the girls for some relaxation, especially from Jared, but guess who shows up? Now, these two enemies have to share a space together, and they are snowed in. Will they end up killing each other? Will they re-spark “unfinished” business? Will they each learn the truth behind what the past was all about?
I always enjoy a good enemy-to-lovers story. Ella was a firecracker character who is sweet, but a little lost. Jared is an overbearing drummer who doesn’t know when to take his head out of his ass. However, he becomes a character that you could start to love once he settles down and learns to communicate. He has a sweet side, and Ella constantly falls for it.

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