Joker’s Fool (Satan’s Devils MC #8) Audiobook by Manda Mellett – Review by Cindy Mayberry

This is Joker and Lady’s story. Joker holds many secrets most of which could get him kicked out of the club. He has been on his own since he was 16. First joining the armed forces, then followed by the Satan’s Devils. His youth still haunts him and presents them in his nightmares/PTSD. His only family is the Satan’s Devils and if they find out his secret, that could mean being kicked out of the club. Can Lady help Joker to come to terms with his secrets? Will the Satan’s Devils really turn on him? This author has once again sucked me into her series. A place I love when reading/listening to her story. The story is fast paced and easy to follow. Be prepared to experience many emotions. The characters are just plain loveable. If you follow the series you will see just how close they really are. I recommend you read this series in the order it was written. I am sure you too will enjoy this series as I have. I am looking forward to see where this author goes from here.



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