The Taste of Light (The Winemakers Book 2) by Giovanna Siniscalchi

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The Taste of Light (The Winemakers Book 2) by Giovanna Siniscalchi
Genre – Historical Romance
Page Count – 439
Cover Designer – Madhat Studios

Portugal, 1872

An aristocrat haunted by his sins…

After losing his bride to a hated Englishman, Pedro Daun shuts himself in his winemaking property. Drowning in port, he hopes to find oblivion from his murky past in Mozambique.

A girl with dawn in her eyes…

Kind and whimsical, Anne Maxwell moves to the Douro to help her new sister-in-law. She dreams of finding the perfect suitor to give her the unconditional love she never had. 

Shadows can taste light…

A twist of fate brings them together. Anne glimpses in Pedro’s eyes a yearning for love that rivals her own, but the cynical Fidalgo isn’t the perfect prince of her dreams. Pedro craves Anne’s touch more than the air he breathes, but he is unwilling to soil his angel with the sins from his past.  

A conspiracy is revealed…

A false accusation turns them into fugitives. Running from a treacherous enemy, they plunge into an ocean of intrigue to prove Pedro’s innocence. As their passion grows, Anne discovers that love isn’t the perfect matter of fairy tales. But can Pedro forgive himself for his past and allow Anne into his heart?


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My name is Giovanna Siniscalchi, and I have two passions: History and Romance. My goal as a writer is to transport readers to Portugal, where they can watch the sunset through majestic umbrella pines, taste bold wines, and sway to the sound of a Fado. I research every detail of my novels, hoping to make you treasure my grandparents’ country as I do. I grew up reading sweeping romances like Gone With The Wind and Count of Monte Cristo. What I love most about reading a novel is the sensation of having experienced something special. My goal is to recreate this feeling. You won’t find instant love in my books. My characters need to grow and overcome their flaws before they can experience true romance. I have a loving husband, who still is my hero and two amazing kids.



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