A Dowry of Snails and Mud by Brittany Tucker – Review by Darian Vester

A Dowry of Snails and MudA Dowry of Snails and Mud by Brittany Tucker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not going to lie, I judged this book on its cover because for me it’s lacking; but the book itself is great. I fell in love with it instantly. Rhia is the mayor’s daughter but she’s not written as a spoiled child like other books. She helps the town, she’s out digging in dirt to farm, even the mayor did those things. They have to do these things because they are a poor town, but they still could have made the townsfolk do it all instead. There is great character growth for all of the characters. Rhia and Emerys didn’t have an instant love, but you could still feel the chemistry between them, even as Rhia was trying to fight against the whole thing. I do wish there was more about the town coming together and rebuilding and the Wildmen involvement, but I still enjoyed the story overall. I recommend this book to any and all YA lovers. Also, the book kept making me laugh, my favorite quote is “To be honest your majesty, your wife terrifies me.”

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