Throwing the Curve (Playing for Keeps Book 2) by Lauren Fraser

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Throwing the Curve (Play for Keeps Book 2) by Lauren Fraser
Genre – Sports, Romance
Page Count – 305

Nothing is more important than the team. Until her.

How is this her life? Peyton Sharp prides herself on being a good person and doing the right thing. So how the heck did she end up at a party with a married man? Sure, she hadn’t known he was married, but still. Apparently, all her life experience didn’t prevent her from being an idiot when it came to men. And don’t even get her started on Ryan Graves.

Being a good teammate has been drilled into star pitcher Ryan Graves’ head since he first picked up a glove. Somehow, he never thought that would extend to helping his cheating teammate out of a jam. he avoids relationships for a reason. Now he’s fake dating a woman who hates him. Thinking about her more than he should and questioning everything he thought was important. This was not what he signed up for.

Falling in love with his fake girlfriend was never part of the plan. But when life throws you a curve, sometimes all you can do is swing for the fences.


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Lauren has always been a dreamer, weaving stories to keep herself entertained. Through her stories, she can travel anywhere in the world and money is not an object. Now, who wouldn’t want that? Unfortunately, the demands of the real world pushed her dreams to the side for a while.

After talking to her children about going after what they wanted and not letting fear stand in their way, she realized she needed to lead by example and chase her own dreams. She enjoys going hiking, camping and paddleboarding with her husband and two daughters.

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