Lucky Stars by Fantasia Yu- Review by Moriah Venable

Lucky StarsLucky Stars by Fantasia Yu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Princess Mora is sent to marry Prince Fidge to form an alliance between the two worlds. However, the real reason causes Princess Mora not to want to marry him because of the deception. All she wants is to be free.

Darin has a connection to the enemy and is seen as an outcast. All he wants is to be free to live his life. He never expected to fall in love Mrs. Langley (Princess Mora). What happens when he finds out her identity?

I really enjoyed this sci-fi read. It is a bit short and a quick read but it is very enjoyable and I loved the characters and the world building.

I enjoyed the beginning where we first met Princess Mora and her sister Princess Pola. I just loved their interaction and conversation. How one Princess who is the oldest has all these expectations around them, including marrying someone for peace while the other is more free to do what she pleases because she is the second child.

The one the novel ended made me smile and laugh. I hope we get another book in this series.

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