The Liminal Space (Antipodes Series Book 2) by T.S. Simons – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

The Liminal Space (Antipodes, #2)The Liminal Space by T.S. Simons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 2 in The Antipodes Series picks up where the first book left off and continues with Cam’s journey. He is now living in the community of Lewis where he has been accepted and where he feels at home. He loves his community and has not only made some strong friendships, but he has found love again. Although still in love with Freyja, Cam knows that she is never coming back and it is best that he move on with his life. He has found his soulmate in Laetitia and is wholly, truly, and deeply in love with her. For once he is content and feels at peace with his life and his community.

Then Cam’s world is turned upside down when he makes the startling discovery that someone, he loves dearly may not be dead as he had thought. He sets out on another journey and along the way he makes some startling revelations. Cam is overjoyed with the news of the loved one still being alive but is conflicted when someone else from his past also suddenly resurfaces. After finally coming to terms with his feelings and letting go of the past he is faced with some very difficult decisions and must navigate through the conflicting emotions of joy, grief, anger, betrayal, loss, and hurt simultaneously. Any decision Cam makes has a devastating outcome for those he loves dearly.

Book Two was amazing and we really got to see Cam grow as a person. The hard work of rebuilding and making a community flourish have made Cam wiser and stronger as a person. I enjoyed reading about his journey as told from his point of view. Laetitia is a truly beautiful person both inside and out and it is easy to see why Cam fell in love with her. I enjoyed reading about the portals and was fascinated by how they worked. I highly recommend this book! Now please excuse me, while I anxiously read Book 3 to see what happens to Cam next!

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