❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ COMING SOON ❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ Savage Lies (Hidden Valley Elite Book 1) by Isla Vaughn

❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ COMING SOON ❣🌹❤🥀 ❥
Savage Lies (Hidden Valley Elite Book 1) by Isla Vaughn
Genre – New Adult, Romance
Page Count – 186
Cover Designer – TE Black Designs

Brought down by a kiss.

Blackmailed by the class MVP.

On the brink of destruction.

Moving to a new town and taking on a new identity was supposed to keep me safe. News flash, it didn’t. Instead, it put me right into the most dangerous place imaginable. Cole Savage’s line of sight.

Stupid, perfect, and one of four members of the untouchable elite. They’re the Academy’s football stars, gods among their peers. And from the first day of school, he put a target on my back. All because of one stupid kiss.

My secrets are dark and dangerous. But based on the fury that drives Cole to ruin me, so are his. We’re both facing destruction, and he’s determined not to let me win.

He doesn’t know it, but he’s met his match. I’ll use his hate, and I’ll teach him that it burns as hot as his lust. And if he wants a war, I’ll give him one.

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