A Dress To Remember: A Fairy Tale by K.L. Small – Review by Beverly Finnie

A Dress To Remember: A Fairy TaleA Dress To Remember: A Fairy Tale by K.L. Small
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Dress to Remember is a different take on a fairytale. A darker take that was written beautifully. Not all fairytales are sunshine and roses, however most there’s a lesson to be learned from the story being told. When I started it I wasn’t too sure what I was reading, but it didn’t take long to follow the story the authwas trying to tell.
Princess Zarina is spoiled, selfish, naive and the youngest of 13. And despite all that she’s the center of attention, even more so because her Advancement Ceremony is rapidly approaching. Ignoring the warnings of things not being safe due to the raiders, she sets out for the perfect dress. Well she gets that perfect dress and it changes her life. It starts by upending it, and the adventure she embarks on to get back to her home and family is a humbling one. She learns so much about the people she once ignored, but not without difficulty. She also has the help of “the dress.” Magic has been imbued in it to get her to where she’s meant to be in life.
Does she make it back home?
What happens with the raiders?
If you enjoy darker fairy tales it’s something you should definitely check out! You want beautiful character growth this book gives you exactly that. You want an intriguing story, it gives you that as well! Check it out.

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