A Dress To Remember: A Fairy Tale by K.L. Small

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A Dress To Remember: A Fairy Tale by K.L. Small
Genre – Kids, Fantasy
Page Count – 192
Cover Designer – Brandon Dorman


Strong-willed Princess Zarina wants a special dress for the Royal Advancement Ceremony on her birthday in two weeks. She makes a deal with a mysterious dressmaker for a ball gown that everyone will remember.

The dressmaker creates a beautiful black dress for her. However, it’s not the dress Zarina expected. Especially when fire fairies dance across the skirt.

After the deal with the dressmaker goes wrong, Zarina is trapped in the magical dress. She must return to the castle on her own. But invaders attack the kingdom and kill the King and Queen. Princess Zarina must avoid capture.

Will the magical dress help her defeat the invaders and save the kingdom?

Winner of a 2022 Bronze Award from the Florida Writers Association’s Royal Palm Literary Awards in unpublished children’s fiction.


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  1. L. Small is the author of fantasy novels for young readers and those who are young at heart. She was born in Queens, New York. She started college as a Creative Writing major and spent most of her professional career doing business writing.  She is a three-time winner of Royal Palm Literary Awards for her children’s fiction, including A Dress to Remember. Several of her short stories have been published in anthologies.

Her childhood dream was to own a horse and be an author. She is living her dream in Brooksville, Florida, with her husband, Rick, on a ranch called Carousel Acres. They own three horses (Rory, ShyAnne, and Skylark) and four cats (Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Stan). You can follow her on the Web at https://kathleenlsmall.com, and sign-up for her newsletter to get updates on her writing activities. Other fantasy novels are coming soon.

Author Interview with K.L. Small



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