Torch (Lovelock Book 2) by Tricia Copeland – Review by Chantelle Smith

TorchTorch by Tricia Copeland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Torch is a post-apocalyptic/Sci-Fi read from author Tricia Copeland. This is my second read from this author and once again She has created another captivating and imaginative read that is easy to read and flows from chapter to chapter.
This author writing style makes this read so real and realistic I felt as though I was entwined within the story, and it was made believable in a way that made you stop and think.

This book is filled with action, adventure and danger. It’s suspenseful and thrilling and keeps you guessing. The characters that Tricia Copeland has created are relatable, and you can connect with them on many levels throughout the read. The journey Jema and Troy make again in this read pushes what we already saw in Book 1 to the next level, this book has you on the edge of your seat along wondering what really will happen next. Tricia Copeland has left us wondering again with this ending and has left us wanting more! I can’t wait to see where our next story takes us. I highly recommend this read!

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