Torch (Lovelock Book 2) by Tricia Copeland – Review by Anantha Rusum

TorchTorch by Tricia Copeland
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This young adult dystopian novel is a fast paced read, second in the lovelock series and is heavily action based. 16 year old Jema along with her friends is faced with an almost impossible task to save the world, against a deadly virus. Her sinister uncle, who rules the government is against releasing the cure for this lethal contagion. So, in the middle of the desert, with limited resources, she has to battle against time to get the cure out. She and her friends are branded as traitors and are on the chase.
The most interesting part about this book is that we can relate it to what is happening around us now with the pandemic around us. The virus is up on the rise and if the cure is not found, the whole world is at risk. Rings a very familiar bell right? I enjoyed reading this page turner.
The only thing I thought was that the plot is so heavily action packed and dialogue oriented, there is a very little description of the setting of the story itself. The reader doesn’t miss it in the midst of all the action, but it would have been more interesting to read when more attention is paid to the little details around the setting, which most authors do, to enhance the beauty of the story.

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