Braving Lily (True Platinum Series Book 7) by Morgana Bevan – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Braving Lily (True Platinum, #5)Braving Lily by Morgana Bevan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Braving Lily was a great rock star romance. Lily is a famous rock star who auctioned off a date for charity. When she went to meet the date, she was stood up. For some reason, she cannot get over the fact that she was stood up and decided to confront the man. The man is Rhys, a divorced man who isn’t ready to date but is constantly being set up by his mother. After they do meet for the first time, both of them are intrigued with each other and decide to try a real date. While the two didn’t start on a great footing, they quickly start to really enjoy each other’s company. Lily is giving him feelings he hasn’t felt in quite some time, he finds himself trusting her very easily. He provides a private life and a non-caring about her fame mentality that makes her quickly fall for him. However, the problem both face is she is leaving for a year long tour so they try to keep it casual, but that is hard to do when feelings get involved. Can they both get over their past and present livelihoods to let this love story bloom?
I liked this story a lot. I liked how it started with a girl going after what she “wants”, but the guy not wanting her just because she is famous. They advance quickly in their dynamics and I love how there was no bull in the story. The author kept it straightforward, always moving, with one issue, and a solution. I feel that while they experienced miscommunication, she kept that part short and sweet so I didn’t get pissed at the characters. I thought the characters were great. Lily was a strong, but vulnerable girl who goes after what she wants and doesn’t apologize for it. However, she is also caring and honest about her life. Rhys was also a strong, caring, honest character. He was upfront about his expectations, and while he had insecurities, his confidence was sexier. I will also mention that the sex scenes were just spicy enough for a nice romance-type story.

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