How To Write A Historical Novel And Love It by TL Clark – Review by Angela Hayes

How To Write A Historical Novel And Love ItHow To Write A Historical Novel And Love It by T.L. Clark
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“So, we’re getting a good idea of the setting/backdrop for your novel. Like one of those historical portraits where the artist would paint the background in advance and then paint the people in during the sitting. Or a cartoon artist of yesteryear hand-painting beautiful scenery as the backdrop to animate characters upon.
We’re thinking about the era and year, and adding in thoughts of leadership, morality, laws, key events, weather and living conditions.
~ Decide which era captivates you.
~ Look up who the ruler was and if there were any power changes/struggles.
~ See if there are any interesting events which intrigue you.
~ Select your year/s.
~ Think about which season/time of year it is.
~ How did they measure time?
~ Did any major weather activity occur?
~ Were there any natural disasters?
~ Basically, what perils lie in store? What could potentially kill your character/s?
So, now you know your ‘When’, it’s time to dig into ‘What’.
What Type of Book Are You Going to Write?
“That’s easy. I’m going to write a historical novel, that’s why I bought this book,” I hear you cry….”


How to Write A Historical Novel and Love It by T.L. Clark is a practical guide to unlocking your inner historical novelist. This will take you through the process of writing, covering everything you need to know in a fairly comprehensive yet easy to understand manner. It gives us a look at the bigger picture of writing a novel, with the author sharing wisdom, tips, insights, and helpful pointers that will guide you through the entire process from conception, researching, writing, formatting, editing, publishing, and more.
My advice to you if you have always longed to put pen to paper is to- Get. This. Book. Now.
Happy Reading (and writing)…

Thank you, T.L. Clark!


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