The Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Fat Girl's Guide to Loving Your BodyThe Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Your Body by K.L. Montgomery
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This is a book that can be used over and over. I like the journaling and daily affirmations she has included. Its much more of a work-book to be a better me. I feel this is not just a book for fat people. It’s really for anyone with body shaming issues. Yes it leans toward helping overweight people but much of this is really for anyone.

I like the honesty written in this book. If ever I was wondering if what a certain body part was doing what it was supposed to….I found out in here. Or if I was the only one thinking this negative thought…I found out in here I am not alone. The author shares her personal stories and journey with the readers as well as tidbits and helpful links.

The words flow very nicely making this easy and fun to read. I think a lot of people will benefit from this book. As I was reading I was making a mental list myself of people I could gift it too.

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