Talisman (The Talisman Series Book 1) by Tam DeRudder Jackson – Review by Heidi Sturgess

Talisman (The Talisman, #1)Talisman by Tam DeRudder Jackson
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What attracted me to this first was the Celtic origins/theme because I’ve Welsh blood pumping through my veins 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❣️then there’s the cover 🙈🔥what a delectable combination 😉

I started reading , stopped and redefined the meaning I’df a Talisman and the started reading again and call me strange if you like but it took on a whole different dimension for me ❣️📚

So a talisman is a trinket or piece of jewellery thought to be protection against evil . Rowan needs to find his by his 28th birthday or our time and space bending warrior might face death or a fate far worse 🙈

Alyssa was raised be her grandmother from a young age after loosing her parents and she has no knowledge of her heritage which is both a good and a bad thing but it would’ve really helped if she knew because when she’s thrown into the deep end she has limited time to catch up , it’s her and Rowan against the world , well the fate of mankind sort of depends on them #nopressure#

When their paths cross I think Alyssa just assumed Rowan was trying to get into her dress but soon enough things get very real , dangerous , romantic , twisted and spicy . A read with a difference that I didn’t know I needed ❣️📚

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