Moonlit Mirage (A Cook Islands Romance) AUDIO BOOK by Amy McKinley – Review by Betsy Melano

Moonlit Mirage (A Cook Islands Romance) Audio Book by Amy McKinley

A short, fast moving romance between Nadia and Cade full of suspense and intrigue. The two met 5 years before when Cade’s car went over a bridge into a river due to an accident. Nadia kept him safe by diving into the river and giving him much needed air. It is short but a wonderful introduction to these two characters. I hope that I find any book(s) that these two show up in. This is my first book by this author that I’m excited to check out her books in the future. Nadia has a secret she doesn’t want Cade to find out because she is worried he will not forgive her for it…
The book is narrated by Regan Brown, who did a wonderful job.

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